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Apple could prove it on Monday

Apple could prove it on Monday

According to Mark Gurman, Apple’s most trusted source for forecasts, the update should be “pretty significant” overall, even if there won’t be a redesign.

Above all, notifications should be the focus this time and see some changes. Health tracking will also be supplemented by new features, it is said.

New health features in watchOS

In line with this, there should also be major adjustments to the health features of watchOS, the Apple Watch operating system. It is not known if an upcoming model of the watch can also collect other health data.

Finally, according to rumors, one should be able to count on new features for iMessages. Monday will show if that’s all.

iPadOS 16: Are real windows coming?

iPadOS has been treated as a separate operating system for some time, though of course it’s still closely related to iOS.

But in recent versions of iOS, Apple has increasingly built separate features for the larger screens, especially when it comes to multitasking. According to Mark Gurman, Apple will continue down this path with iPadOS.

Expect innovations in the area of ​​window management and multitasking. Professional iPad users in particular would thank Apple for that.

MacOS: More adjustments to the M1 platform

A new version of the operating system is also pending on the Mac side. There is always a lot of guesswork here as to what the version will be called. 9to5Mac reports that a company believed to be owned by Apple has renewed the rights to two potential names: “Mammoth” and “Monterey.”

Apart from that, according to Gurman, some system applications will be reviewed. Also, system settings need to be adjusted to more closely match iOS. Experience has shown that there are still some innovations to come.

New Macs and maybe RealityOS?

In addition, there will surely be some news for watchOS and tvOS, the Apple TV platform.

But it’s more interesting: Does Apple also show new hardware? It seems that. This year there will be at least a few new Macs introduced; experts assume that Apple could show the new revised version of the MacBook Air. This could already be equipped with the M2 chip, the next generation of Apple’s successful ARM chip for computers.

The situation regarding RealityOS is much more uncertain. Just a few days ago, an employee of “The Verge” came across a trademark entry for RealityOS, which is said to have been secured by an unknown Apple subsidiary. The name has been registered as a trademark in the context of “laptop computer hardware”.

Apple California Campus T-Online Reports

It is not entirely clear if RealityOS will actually come and be shown at this developer conference as well.