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How to design and furnish a living room with limited spaces


LThe living room is the heart of the home and when you have limited space, finding space for everything can seem difficult – here are some tips for furnishing smaller living rooms.

the the houses are getting smaller and to be able to find a solution to place all necessary furniture Without giving up the aesthetic side, it can seem complicated, especially if you want to furnish a living room with reduced spaces.

L ‘interior design It is a subject that excites many and having spent the last year at home many have decided make changes for make spaces more welcoming; the beating heart of the house is undoubtedly the living room which is often obtained within a unique environment with the kitchen. Today we reveal how to design and furnish a living room with limited spaces following the advice of experts.

One’s secret functional living room is to be able to have all the furniture you need to create an environment that is cozy and relaxing but it also has space to receive friends and family. If you’re struggling with limited space, there are a few tricks to making your living room appear larger optically.

Use armchairs and not sofas

When it comes to living rooms, almost everyone starts out by choosing a sofa, it’s not really necessarily the best option. Among the recommended alternatives to the sofa in a living room with reduced spaces are: armchairs. Just as comfortable thanks to reclining technology but certainly easier to place in a small room, armchairs win the main role in a compact size living room.

Walls painted with light colors to illuminate

The design also focuses on quirky colors according to trends and Pantone With its new combinations of yellow and gray, it has undoubtedly revolutionized the world of furniture a bit; despite everything in small rooms it is recommended play with light colors. White certainly, but also the dove gray, the Sage green and the cornflower I’m pastel shades highly appreciated.

Equipped wall protagonist

The best option for a living room with limited space is the modern wall unit: not furniture of massive dimensions and dark colors but minimalism also made of fun geometric games that create movement on the wall.

Don’t fill the room with furniture

A little atmosphere yes object overload It can seem even less hospitable, so avoid taking advantage of all the available walkable corners and instead try to keep the corners free to light up your surroundings.

Take advantage of the heights

While it is true that you do not have to fill all the corners of the room, it is also recommended take advantage of the heights where the furniture fits; it is possible, for example, to place designer baskets or boxes above cabinets and fitted walls to obtain more useful space without overloading the environment.

Multifunction furniture

the multifunctional furniture are among the most appreciated design innovations; Transformable furniture is essential in modern homes where space is more limited. Go ahead and then a sofas or armchairs with storage or with removable seat to get more comfort just for the need.

Decorate the walls to personalize the room

The walls are usually a little considered feature of the rooms but in reality they are a very valid element to be able to tell the personality without occupying the walkable surface.

From above you can hang small ones for example decorative hot air balloons, Polaroid or other elements that are reminiscent of a theme dear to you, while the wall can become one gallery wall perfect playing with frames of different colors, shapes and sizes.

A mirror to illuminate the environment

One size mirror provided with the environment is one of the winning options to be able to furnish a room with limited spaces; In addition to being a decorative element, it is a great way to reflect light and make the room appear larger.

Use rugs to divide spaces

the textile accessories They are often underestimated, on the other hand they are a valid help to organize spaces by intelligently dividing them. Throughuse of a rug it’s possible highlight some areas. For example, the sofa or armchairs can be optically separated from the rest of the room where there could be a kitchen, an entrance or a small study area.

Beware of artificial lighting

Fundamental is the natural light, but that too artificial can be of great help in a small room: strategically distribute the light points so as not to create shadow areas taking advantage of the possibility to choose not only chandeliers, but also modern spotlights.

If the living room is narrow and long

In case of life zone to be narrow and long There are some tips you can follow to make the most of your spaces. The first advice to follow is divide the space to be able to exploit the center of the room creatively. In fact, it is not certain that all furniture should be placed on the perimeter – a sofa can become both a divider and a small bookcase. If the room is narrow and long, try to break the symmetries with lines in opposite directions: therefore, do not insert sofas and tables in the same direction, this way you will create movement.

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