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Dangers of a Smart TV

Dangers of a Smart TV

Everything was going well when Michael changed his old television, due to sound problems, to a new Smart TV that promises him real-time multimedia content, games, applications, social networks and Internet browsing. The problem started when you started reading the 46 pages of the privacy policy.

The data this device collects is impressive; records where, when, how and how long you use the TV, with the help of a series of tracking ‘cookies’ and ‘beacons’ that record when and how you interact with a specific type of content.

Some devices have a built-in camera with facial recognition, for the purpose of providing ‘gesture control’ on your TV. The good side is that these images are recorded on the Smart TV and not on a corporate server, however, Internet connection leaves you vulnerable to hackers to take full control of your television.

And as if it wasn’t enough voice recognition is the most worrying thing. Although it is functional for many, because they can control their screen with the voice command, it is not the safest to use.

“The service comes with a rather ominous caveat: ‘Be aware that if your spoken words include personal or confidential information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party,'” the attorney explained.

It should be noted that the current law provides little protection to the privacy of ‘third-party records’, such as email, cloud storage, and, probably, the information that is provided to the television will be included in that category, he commented. Michael in the portal Living room.