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How to disable promotional email

How to disable promotional email

Many people use email to exchange messages on the Internet. Among them, different people take the services of different organizations. Some use Gmail, some use Outlook, some use Yahoo or Apple Mail. But in each case there are various problems. Because several promotional emails are sent by email. Which can cause problems.

Promotional email

Different companies send mail to target audiences with details of specific products or services to sell their products or services. So that the audience is encouraged to buy the product by viewing the specific email.

Promotional emails sent by multiple organizations have email tracking pixel attachments. They are basically surveillance jobs. Stores information about how long a user has been viewing promotional images, or how long they have been reading promotional email, and sends it to the company’s servers. After all the ad-related information is sent to the company’s server, it is analyzed. So that it is convenient to send ads to the target audience in a more precise way.

However, it is also true that ETP does not control any personal information. They don’t even handle any mail other than the one specified. But control of everything is in the hands of one user. Any user can disable ETP monitoring if they wish. Each promotional email has an image attached. You can avoid ETP surveillance only if you stop downloading that image.

Follow the procedure to stop automatic download of images from Gmail

From the desk-

First you have to go to the settings. After that, you need to click on the All Settings option from there. Then click on the General tab. From there, you need to go to the Find Image option. There will be a new option called Ask before displaying external image. After that, you need to scroll down and save the changes.

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In case of mobile

First you have to go to the configuration option. From there you have to click on the image option. After that, if you want to disable the automatic image download option, you need to click the option Ask before displaying external image.

Microsoft Outlook

First you need to open the desktop application. Then follow these steps: File – Options – Trust Center – Trust Center Settings – Automatic Download. Then you need to select Do not automatically download images in RSS.

Those using Apple can follow this procedure: Microsoft Outlook-Preferences-Reading-Security and click Never to restrict downloading of images; Also, automatic image downloads should be stopped.

Apple Mail

In this case, you must first open the mail. From there, turn off the Preferences option and Upload remote content. For iPhone, go to Settings-Mail-Upload Remote Image option and disable the option from there.

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