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Pokémon Unite: New Holowear and United Circles come with the mobile version

Pokémon Unite: New Holowear and United Circles come with the mobile version

Pokémon Unite is also about to be released in mobile devices and, for this occasion, there are some news, like new Holowear and the United Circles. The official YouTube channel of Pokémon Unite in fact it has issued a Launch Trailer, in which the new functions of the game.

In addition toHolowear by Garchomp (revealed in the last days), specials will also be added fancy dress by Gengar and Lucario. In addition to the new Holowear, Pokémon Unite will also be added two new pokemon: Sylveon e Mamoswine. However, these new Pokémon will not arrive on September 22 (launch day of Pokémon Unite on mobile devices), but it was Announced More information about their incorporation will be published soon.

Additional languages ​​will also be implemented: Italian, French, German and Spanish. In the launch trailer, the United Circles, new function available for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. These are teams (that users can create or join) to communication with other Trainers. The gods will also be available specific labels to find like-minded players more easily.

From September 22, to new fight pass, called “Zero spectrum G“, With tools inspired by space. We also remind you that, thanks to 5 million early registrations reached, it will be possible to redeem some rewards: 1000 coupons for Heos, the Unite license, and Pikachu’s festival-style Holowear. Finally, those who have not been able to redeem Zeraora on Nintendo Switch, they will have a chance to get the Pokémon completing some new missions.

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