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How to easily find a hidden camera in the locker room?

How to easily find a hidden camera in the locker room?

Hidden cameras come in all their forms in today’s age.

For this reason, it is necessary for women to be very careful when changing clothes in public places or when using the public restroom. In many places there is the possibility of installing the camera without us noticing.

Cover cameras, usually room doors, lights, hangers used to store clothes, and vases with bouquets can be placed in places that we don’t pay much attention to.

You can find them in simple ways. If you are staying in private hotels, you must turn off all the lights in the room. Since the hidden cameras’ LED light glows, it can detect where you are in the dark.

If you are using the dressing room in the clothing store, it is important for women to be careful about the glass in there. When you put your finger on the mirror, you may realize that there is a hidden camera if there is no space between your finger and the image that appears in the mirror.

In today’s digital age, various mobile apps are active to detect cameras. The cyber police advise you to be very careful, as some of these processors can hack into your mobile.

Record a video of the entire room you are in on your mobile phone, record, and then play the video.