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How to get "Fortnite" on Android using workaround

How to get “Fortnite” on Android using workaround

  • You can’t download “Fortnite” directly to Android from the Google Play store, but there is a workaround.
  • If you have an Android smartphone, you can download “Fortnite” from the Epic Games app. This app is available directly from the website.
  • Due to a feud between Epic Games and Apple and Google, Fortnite is not available for download on any mobile app store.
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It’s far beyond the original fashion surrounding Fortnite, which first appeared in 2017, but the reason for that fashion hasn’t disappeared. It’s a fun and addictive game.

It’s good that there are many ways to play Epic Games’ Fortnite. It’s not just available on desktop computers. It can be used on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch consoles, and you can also download “Fortnite” and play it on your Android phone.

Previously, it was easy to play Fortnite on your mobile phone, regardless of the model or operating system you were using. However, in the summer of 2020, Epic Games fell into a feud between Apple and Google, and as a result, the Fortnite app was removed from the mobile app store.

If you have an iPhone, that’s it. You either have the app before it is removed from the app store and it’s safe or not. However, on Android, there are more options. If you have a Samsung Galaxy, you can download the game from the Galaxy Store. If you have another Android smartphone, it’s not that simple, but there is a relatively easy workaround.

How to get “Fortnite” on Android

1.1. In your mobile browser, go to Epic Games website Tap the “Download” button to install the app.

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How_to_get_Fortnite_on_Android_ _1

Go to and[ダウンロード]Tap the button.

Melanie Weir / Business Insider

2.2. Follow the onscreen instructions and wait for the download pop-up to appear. When displayed,[開く]Tap to start installing the app.

How_to_get_Fortnite_on_Android_ _2

In a pop-up[開く]Tap to start the installation process.

Melanie Weir / Business Insider

Note: You may see a warning that the file may harm your device. In this case, you can safely ignore this.[OK]Please tap.

How_to_get_Fortnite_on_Android_ _3

When the warning appears, tap OK.

Melanie Weir / Business Insider

3.3. You may see another warning that your phone is not allowed to install apps from this source. In that case, tap “Settings” in the notification.

How_to_get_Fortnite_on_Android_ _4

If you get a warning that you can’t download the app,[設定]Tap.

Melanie Weir / Business Insider

Smartphone correct[設定]Go directly to the page.[このソースから許可]The switch next to[オン]Just switch to the position of.

How_to_get_Fortnite_on_Android_ _5

[このソースから許可]Turn on the switch.

Melanie Weir / Business Insider

4.4. Return to your browser and tap “Install” in the Epic Games pop-up to start the download. When you’re done, tap Open.

How_to_get_Fortnite_on_Android_ _6

In a pop-up[インストール]Tap and when you’re done[開く]Tap.

Melanie Weir / Business Insider

5.5. When you open the app, you may see “Fortnite” first. If not, swipe left until you see it. Tap it, then tap Install.

How_to_get_Fortnite_on_Android_ _7

When you find the Fortnite application, tap Install.

Melanie Weir / Business Insider

6.6. You may see the same pop-up as in step 3. Do the same thing outlined there and then return to the Epic Games app. At the Fortnite prompt, tap Install to start downloading the game.

How_to_get_Fortnite_on_Android_ _8

Repeat step 3 as needed, at the prompt[インストール]Tap.

Melanie Weir / Business Insider

7. When the download is complete, another pop-up will notify you that the app was successfully installed. Tap “Open” to go to the app and start playing.

How_to_get_Fortnite_on_Android_ _9

When the installation is complete, tap Open.

Melanie Weir / Business Insider

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