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HOW TO HIDE APPS ON YOUR PHONE: Others won't even know they're there and will ask for a PIN or fingerprint to open

HOW TO HIDE APPS ON YOUR PHONE: Others won’t even know they’re there and will ask for a PIN or fingerprint to open

If you ever wanted to hide an app on your phone, now you can.

We know, we also wanted to, sometimes it is necessary to hide certain things from the prying eyes of others.

If you want to hide the entire application in those situations, you are in the right place!

Different manufacturers have different approaches to this issue and on some devices it is not easy or even impossible to hide the application.

In this text, you will learn how to hide applications for five popular phone brands in our country and in our region: Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus I Huawei.

Some manufacturers have unnecessarily complicated this process, some (as we said) do not offer it in general, and some use one of the methods described in this text, so if the brand of your phone is not one of the five that we have chosen, try one. of the ways to hide an application like us.

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The good news is that Android 12 brings “ready to use” support, as they say, to block folders within which we can block applications, it will take a while until Android 12 reaches many phones, and some will never arrive. Then you have a chance to read our guide on how to hide apps on your Android phone.