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How to improve internet speed?

Is there anything worse than having slow internet on a busy day? Because of a slow internet connection, you’re unable to do your work on time or watch your favorite shows in peace. And who doesn’t want faster internet? But with so many solutions out there, it’s easy to doubt if they even work. Most of them may be too technical to understand while others may be expensive. Only a few tips offer a simple solution to the problem.

Luckily, you’ve found this article right on time! We’re here to help you improve your internet speed without burning a hole through your pocket.

  • Your router also needs a break

Just like every other electronic device, your router also needs a break. All you have to do is simply reset your router. Switch it off for a few minutes and give it time to refresh your internet connection. By doing this every day, you will notice a slight improvement in your network’s signal strength. Turning it off and back on again is every day is enough to boost the internet speed. This super easy fix is used by most people whenever they have to deal with slow internet speed.

  • Data cap might be the culprit here

Most people don’t consider their data cap when thinking of all the reasons causing their internet to slow down. Data cap refers to the amount of data you can use everything month. Once you cross your data limit, you will notice your internet speed slowing down and that happens because your ISP is restricting your speed.

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Your data cap will be highlighted on your bill if you exceed it every month. To avoid exceeding the limit and spending more money on the internet than planned, talk to your local ISP. They will have a plan for you with a higher data limit that you can switch to, just like Fiber internet offers unlimited data with some of its plans!

Router placement matters

Your router location makes a lot of difference. You will notice how signal strength weakens the farther away you move from your router. Placing your router carefully and strategically is important. The last thing you want is slow internet speed because of the wrong placement. It’s advised to hang the router on the wall if possible or place it in the center of the house, so the signals reach everywhere. Make sure there are no other electrical appliances next to the router causing the radio signals to weaken.

  • Ethernet cables save the day!

If wireless connections don’t seem to work out for you, you always have cable! Yes, wireless connections are convenient and available but they’re not necessarily fast. Cable connections such as Ethernet connections are super-fast and super reliable when it comes to long-term commitment. Cable delivers signal directly to your device without any interruption. Over-the-air transmissions always face interruptions therefore your devices receive weak Wi-Fi signals. With Ethernet, you don’t have to worry about that at all.

You can easily connect your gaming consoles. TV, Laptop, and desktop computer to the internet with an Ethernet cable. Not only is an Ethernet connection super-fast, but it’s also secure. Your information is always protected.

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Wrapping it up

Dealing with a slow internet connection especially when you are using internet in rural areas is the best way to test your patience, and let’s be honest, it’s not fun at all! But with these handy tips, you can improve the speed of your internet connection and enjoy seamless browsing, streaming, and gaming whenever you like!