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Come pubblicare una tua mappa creata con il Map Maker di Brawl Stars

How to publish your map created with Brawl Stars Map Maker

How to publish your map created with Brawl Stars Map Maker

The new update of Brawl Stars has included some new features in the Map Maker, including the ability to publish your own created map on Brawl Stars.

Did you update Brawl Stars right? Well now so you can notice two new game modes among the mode slots, which are:

  1. Map for the race
  2. Race winner

In the first Slot you can play the maps created / published by other players and you can vote them to make them go to slot two, where there will be the maps that will receive (I think every week) more votes. Also in slot 1 the maps change every 10 seconds, so you can try and vote as many maps as possible per day (even if the limit is 3 votes per day).

In the second SLOT the game modes change every day, in order to be able to evaluate the most voted maps well, and it is also possible to win / lose trophies, since they are valued as real competitive maps.

Publish your own map created with the Map Maker – Step by step

  1. Go to the Map generator and CREATE A MAP
  2. Once the map has been created, click on the menu with the three lines (hamburger) and click on the green button “SEND”
  3. Now you will have to get 10 votes to be able to publish the map on Brawl Stars, exactly in SLOT 1 of the new MAP MAKER mode. So let your friends test your map and get everyone to vote for it and once you get 10 approvals from your friends, you can publish your map! How? Go back to the map generator menu, click on the menu of the map in question and instead of the send button you will find the green button “PUBLISH”. Furthermore, you will also receive a private message from the System confirming the approval of the map (see image 2)

  4. Once you click on the green PUBLISH button, your map will be placed in the FIRST SLOT of the maps and if you are lucky and your map will be played and rated by many players, you may be able to make it into the SECOND slot and your map could be played by millions of players in the world.
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That’s all, there are no other procedures to do in publishing the maps! Wait you don’t have enough friends to get your map to vote? Sparx guys take care of it! During my live shows, at least 3-4 times a week, I bring the MAP MAKER 2.0 GOT TALENT, where I try the maps of you SUBSCRIBED in my channel and we will vote them to help you publish your maps created with the MAP MAKER!

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