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This is a deal with Assassin’s Creed Valhara’s unique “animus-determined” character selection • TECH GAMING REPORT


Prior to its release, there was confusion about the default options for Assassin’s Creed Valhara. Play as both male and female versions of the main character Ivor At various points.

Of course, you can choose to play Eivor only as a woman or only as a man, but Ubisoft says that the game’s “animus-determined” option gives you more to the wider story of the game. Said it is the default to provide clues.

But when do you switch between the two options? How often does this happen? For story reasons, Ubisoft said it wouldn’t go into more detail.

Now, with games released around the world, it now seems like a good time to answer some of these questions-leaving the meaning of a deeper story that will definitely head into the realm of big spoilers later.

That said, if you don’t want to know when, where, and how to switch Eivors, you should stop reading now.

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There may be spoilers first.

Thankfully, the answer is very simple. If you select the default Animus Determined option, you will play as a female Aber for most of the game, except for the two mythical areas of Asgard and Jötunheimr. There you take on a slightly different role and instead appear as a male Eivor.

There are good reasons for you to look different in these dreamy areas accessed through the mysterious potions of your village, but these are not the reasons worth spoiling today.

However, if you want to try Ubisoft’s default options but are worried about the disjointed experience, rest assured that this is never the case. Only deepen one of the mysteries of the game’s clever story.

“Knowing the reason for this story and looking at the overall impact on the vast percentage of experience, this option is actually what I recommend,” I wrote earlier this week. Eurogamer Assassin’s Creed Valhara Review, “At least until the game swaps the first person playing, or when you finally click on why it happens. Say this option didn’t affect my attachment to Eivor I played. That’s enough. It’s a game, and it’s not the situation some people expected that a certain ping pong could break your immersiveness. “

Even if you have already started playing Valhalla, you can: Change the appearance at any time and later select the default “Animus Determined” option If you want to consider another option.

Finally, it’s interesting to think about what this means. Just as Cassandra of Odyssey returned to ancient Greece, Female Aber is a canon experience of all adventures in Norway and England, and two of Valhalla’s three character options are playing as women for most of the game. Eivor.In the context of Continued promotion of female Assassin’s Creed protagonists, It’s a unique situation in the game where marketing still features Eivor primarily as a male viking.

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