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How to quickly clear the memory of the smartphone.  The easiest ways - Rossiyskaya Gazeta

How to quickly clear the memory of the smartphone. The easiest ways – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

It often happens when, due to lack of free space in the smartphone memory, problems begin: the device swears, the operating system updates are not installed, etc.

In such cases, it is recommended to delete unnecessary photos and videos, see how much space the applications take up. But who has time for this? Below are some easy ways to quickly clear your smartphone memory.

How do you do this on the iPhone? In the “Settings – General – iPhone Storage” section, you can enable photo optimization and download unused applications.

In the first case, the images and videos in their original quality will be saved in the iCloud cloud, and the smaller versions will remain on the smartphone. In the second, unused apps will be temporarily removed from iPhone memory, but can be downloaded and run again at any time. Documents and other data will also be saved.

Also in the “Storage” there is a list of applications, where at the top are those that take up the most space. For example, if Telegram, together with the data, occupies several gigabytes, this is a reason to open the Messenger and delete the downloaded files (“Settings – Data and memory – Memory usage”).

And Android? Those who do not have time to delve into the dispersion of photos and videos should go to the “Settings – Storage” section and press the “Control” button. The system will immediately ask you to delete recent files to free up space. In addition, this section contains sections ordered by “gluttony”: “Photos and videos”, “Music”, “Other applications”, “Files”, etc. By entering each of them, you can select and delete unnecessary data.

There is another way, not so obvious. You must open the application “Google Photos”, click on your avatar in the upper right corner and select “You can free XXX MB” from the menu that opens. The objects will be removed from the smartphone memory, but will remain in the Google cloud. This can save several hundred megabytes of space.

The third method: in the section “Settings – Storage”, open the item “Other applications”. Almost all can be deleted (if you find some unnecessary) or clear the cache, he advises