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Return to EA Sports Video Game Lineup College Football

Electronic Arts and CLC, one of the leading university trademark licensing companies in the United States, announced plans to relaunch college football video games on Tuesday, the company announced on Twitter and Facebook pages on Tuesday.

According to the two companies, the partnership will make EA Sports the exclusive developer of simulation college football video games.

No specific details have been provided as to when EA College Sports will be released, but the two companies indicate that game development is just beginning.

EA Sports has a production studio based in Orlando. It’s unclear if EA College Football will bring additional work to Central Florida.

In a statement, EA Sports Executive Vice President and General Manager Kamweber said, “I hear that millions of enthusiastic fans are calling for a resurgence of college football video games. College football energy, I love tradition and pageantry. We’re excited to say we’re back in development. We have a lot of really exciting work in front of us and we hope to bring new games to our players in the coming years. We have a great team that is eager for it. “

EA College Football will be the first game related to this sport since NCAA Football 2014. EA Sports ceased production after being sued by a college athlete who accused NCAA football of using the company’s name and portrait without permission. The license agreement between the EA and NCAA expired in 2013 and the parties agreed in different ways.

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Through the CLC partnership, EA College Football includes rights to more than 100 institutions and features their logo, stadium, uniforms, and Game Day tradition. It does not include the names, images or portraits of student athletes, but EA Sports states that “we are closely watching these developments.”