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Huawei AppGallery: new interface update

Huawei AppGallery: new interface update

Huawei AppGallery is constantly updated – focus on user experience in the latest update

Huawei introduced the new interface AppGallery in Europe, redesigned with the aim of improving the user experience for Huawei users, making it even more interactive through smoother navigation, localized content, and a new way to discover and use thousands of applications and games.

The innovations introduced in AppGallery reflect the success of Huawei in the growth of the application ecosystem, which they have joined in the last year 500 million users active monthly worldwide. A new redesigned graphical interface with a more daring and harmonious design to show the latest news available in the field of applications and games.

Huawei AppGallery: User Experience First

By putting user experience at the heart of the new AppGallery user interface, Huawei worked to create a interactive discovery, which allows applications to be presented through images and complementary digital content, allowing the user to take fewer steps when searching for their favorite applications. Furthermore, this feature is also useful for displaying and promoting many more apps by developers, while ensuring that they are identifiable by the right target audience.

In the new section “Recommended” For example, applications are presented in the form of card. This makes it easier for users to locate a selection of apps and games selected by the AppGallery team, but also the ability to get much more relevant curated content, including articles, guides, and reviews. When scrolling the screen from top to bottom, you can see that the foreground tabs have also been updated, while the articles are displayed through the new publications in evidence even the oldest ones, further improving the user experience.

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Immediately after the “Recommended” section, you will also find the sections “Promotions” and “Gifts”, the most popular among consumers. The “Promotions” tab, adapted for each country, offers the possibility of participating in Lucky Draw, Cashback and Challenge and the possibility of winning numerous prizes, generating greater interactivity among users. The “Gifts” section allows users to obtain reward by developers in exchange for downloading or registering the applications they develop. Inside are also premium services that can be used for free for a set period, as well as additional credits to use in a game. A great way for users to discover what’s new in the store.

Applications and games now have two sections dedicated to them, offering a more advanced and specific experience. Huawei has also updated the product pages of the application, improving the section dedicated to reviews and ratings.

Huawei AppGallery: Continuous Evolution

“The number of applications available on our platform, including Premium ones, is growing day by day. Our goal is to quickly inform users as soon as new applications are available in the store, ”he says. Pier Giorgio Furcas, Deputy General Manager of Huawei Consumer Business Group Italy. “The new image of the AppGallery allows users to easily navigate through all the content, discover what’s new and have fun,” concludes Furcas.

Another important innovation introduced by the new Huawei AppGallery design is the attention to editorial content: a dedicated team of editors will constantly publish articles to inspire users, from app and game reviews, to useful and collected suggestions, with the aim of intercepting the latest trends and above all the needs of different targets.

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Applications available today at AppGallery

Huawei AppGallery continues to growand, both as an application available on the platform and for several users. To date, there are 530 million monthly active users worldwide and more than 33 million in Europe. Huawei AppGallery, active in more than 170 countries and today the third largest app store in the world, sees more than 100,000 applications integrated with HMS Core and 384 billion downloads achieved in 2020.

Among the Premium applications of AppGallery we find the international music streaming service Deezer, the application for group chats and calls Viber, l’app Telegram, the leading application for urban mobility Moovit, to name a few. AppGallery currently offers 18 categories of applications, including games, social networks, entertainment, education, news and reading, photos and videos, food and drink, navigation and transportation, shopping and tools.

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