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Huawei Fit Watch: Specifications and Value for Money


The fitness watch arena is so saturated that it could be very difficult at times to distinguish the good ones from those with subpar qualities. You would also find varying opinions of which fitness watch is the best. But if you look into these reviews online, I’m certain that one of the smartwatches that are almost in any of those lists is the Huawei Fit. And this is rightfully so because of many reasons, which include stylish bezels and form factors, loads of features, battery life, and level of comfort, just to name a few. And if you want to know whether they’re the right one for you, then today’s review is for you! So without any further ado, let’s begin…

Huawei Fit Watch: Form Factor and Specifications

You can think of the Huawei Fit as a close cousin of the Apple Watch that has a more sleek design and is budget-friendly. And I say such a statement because they somewhat look like an Apple Watch at first sight. However, the Fit is slimmer and curved body structure but has a much lengthy screen resolution. To give you an exact measurement, it has a 1.64-inches OLED display and 456 x 280-pixel resolution or 326 PPI.

I’d like to focus on the curved watch casing, particularly because if you value comfort, the curvature factor of the watch allows it to sit comfortably on your wrists. It is also very lightweight, with an approximate weight of only 34 grams with the straps and 21 grams without the accessory. As a result—you can wear them for long periods, and it won’t bother you as you resume your workout or carry out your day-to-day chores.

Aside from the loaded features of the watch, it is also an excellent smart device for an individual with an active lifestyle. The AMOLED display of the Huawei Fit is very sharp and provides a clear even under direct sunlight. It is also a perfect typical “everyday” watch because its overall design blends well with any attire you combine it with.

Huawei Fit Watch: Hardware and Battery Performance

The Huawei Fit has simple and reliable hardware that delivers a very responsive touch capacity and accurate readings of your fitness progress and health status. It is equipped with several sensors underneath the smartwatch to boost the precision of the evaluation of the readings. With this being said—it makes them highly suitable for all levels of experience in regards to fitness watches.

Another unique feature of the smartwatch is it allows you to charge the device while in use. So how is this an advantage, you might ask? Well, it gives you the luxury of tracking your health, such as heart rate, stress monitor, and SpO2 measurement while you’re working on your laptop or playing with your smartphone.

Last but not least, the battery performance of the Huawei Fit is equally impressive as well. One charge session can give you a usage time of about ten weeks, given that you’re only utilizing it as a regular watch. However, don’t expect to reach the advertised usage time if you’re using its advanced applications frequently.

Huawei Fit Watch: Price and Availability

The brand model offers multiple color selections such as frosty white, mint green, sakura pink, cantaloupe orange, and my personal favorite—the Huawei Fit watch black. And if you’re planning to own one yourself, then you have to take note that the retail price of Huawei’s official site at Tawsaran 3 Dis Huawei, which offers a nice RM 299.00 discount price.

Huawei is an international brand with global partners spread across the world. My point is that it’s likely you’d find at least one outlet near you. But in any case that you haven’t found one, then you can always go to Huawei’s official eComm page and purchase the Huawei Fit watch.

Our Verdict

Huawei Fit probably has the most aesthetically pleasing fitness watch I’ve reviewed so far. It has that elegant vibe that makes it suitable for all occasions as well. In addition, it has several features that will definitely aid your daily needs. Lastly, you can buy the gadgets at a very budget-friendly price.

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