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News 24 | The intruder of the electronic US intelligence system reveals the reaction of the officials .. and talks about his experience in the Kingdom (video)


The Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming and Drones hosted the American cybersecurity expert, Brian Seely, during the “At Hack” event, where he revealed how he was able to spy on the electronic system of American intelligence.

“Selly”, known as a global moral hacker, explained the reason for his fame, which he attributed to the incident of wiretapping in the US intelligence and the FBI in 2014, where he posted a video on Tik Tok and documented what made in time.

He added that many people like to hear the details of the incident, describing what he did from the wiretapping without permission as a bad and dangerous idea, and that he should have been jailed, warning everyone not to do it.

He indicated that he went to the intelligence headquarters in Seattle, met with 3 officials and confessed what he had done and that he was listening to their calls, and they had to fix the weakness in his protection, but they made fun of him. and asked him to leave.

He told them that he would prove the correctness of his words to them and asked one of them to call the intelligence office in Washington, and the man actually called, and as soon as the call ended, a notification came to Sely’s phone, like this who pressed the earpiece.

The three office officials were surprised to hear the same call that had just been made, but it was recorded on Sealy’s phone, adding that he was detained, everything he was carrying was confiscated and he was interrogated for 4 hours, describing what happened . He had made it as the smartest and stupid decision at the same time.

He noted that the issue that led the Saudi Federation to hold the “At Hack” event quickly and with this great success is extremely important because this conference is considered the first of its kind for hackers and achieved tremendous success, and it shows. that the Kingdom takes the issue of cybersecurity and hacking.

He added that the Kingdom invests a lot of money in training young talents and attracting experts, to show that the damage of bad hackers affects everyone, since they do not care who they chase, and they target the Kingdom and America and that. The only way to prevent their danger is to improve training and improve the level of skills of all, considering that those who signed up for the workshops The work and training of the Saudis is an incredibly huge number.

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