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Huawei launches Hongmeng HarmonyOS 2 and new product HUAWEI WATCH 3 + MatePad Pro

Huawei launches Hongmeng HarmonyOS 2 and new product HUAWEI WATCH 3 + MatePad Pro

At 8pm on June 2, Huawei officially launched the latest HarmonyOS 2 and a series of new products equipped with the Hongmeng system, and established a slogan for this operating system: “Everything in life, everything is one.” . Here are the key points from the conference:

Easy connection

Huawei claims that the new version of the HarmonyOS 2 system is a system that can support multiple devices and multiple hardware. It can be used not only in phones, watches, vehicles and home appliances, but also in 128K Ram devices, which corresponds to the system’s motto: “Everything in life, everything is one”, making it the operating system with the most medium. However, users should note that these third-party devices must be installed with the Hongmeng system before they can connect successfully and easily.

Unified notification center

Huawei claims that under the HarmonyOS 2 system, users can use the new unified control center to control phones or other devices, and third-party devices connected to the phone can be viewed in this control center, and users can control and change them. .

Hyper terminal

The user can click on the HyperTerminal interface and extract the device that he wants to connect to the phone to connect successfully. Taking the refrigerator as an example, the user only needs to connect to the furniture and appliances installed with the Hongmeng system, in addition to being able to change it anytime and anywhere, as long as the phone touches the refrigerator, it will provide the user with the control of ingredient temperature as a reference, to become a truly electronic device.

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With the help of HyperTerminal, users just need to click the following to switch and share the screen displayed on the phone and tablet at any time, making the user experience more convenient and faster.

New products using the Hongmeng system

  • HUAWEI WATCH 3: By setting a 3D rotating bezel, users can enter other menus by rotating the watch, and there are 4 styles for users to choose from. Huawei claims that the watch can work independently, users can talk through the watch without having to carry a phone with them, and they can listen to music online, take photos, and record videos at any time. This product has the Pro series.

  • HUAWEI MatePad Pro: Equipped with a 12.6-inch OLED screen with a screen ratio of up to 90%. This time, the parallel view function has been improved. The new window lock feature allows users to reply to messages on the left side of the screen and edit emails on the right side. For those who need to cut and record videos, Huawei says that this tablet is also very fluid. Users who do not want to type can also convert speech to text by pressing the speech button on the keyboard. Huawei also pointed out that this tablet can be shared with Windows and that the screen can be changed at will during movie editing.

  • HUAWEI MateView Wireless Primary Color Screen: As long as the phone is placed on the screen base, the screen and the phone system can be placed on the screen, and can be controlled with a wireless mouse and keyboard, just like a computer.
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  • HUAWEI MateView GT – Uses a 34-inch large screen, full touch control, and is equipped with a 165Hz refresh rate.

  • HUAWEI FreeBuds 4: The noise canceling function that automatically adapts to the human ear is adopted to adjust the volume by automatically matching the shape of the ear to make the listening experience smoother.

Other highlights:

  • The HUAWEI P50 series has been released, but the release date has yet to be determined.
  • Users just need to bookmark the app to see more tips and features about the app.
  • When the user places applications of the same nature in the folder, the system will ask him if he wants to place other applications of the same type in the folder as well. The user can complete this process by simply tapping.
  • New technology makes the phone faster and extends battery life.

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