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release date, APK, download, gameplay ... Know everything

release date, APK, download, gameplay … Know everything

Through Julien’s Gavel

1 year after its launch on PC and with 14 million players, Valorant will be available in a mobile version. The Riot Games game, not happy to have competed CSGO In its turf, it is now tackling another big piece: the iOS and Android platforms.

Officially launched on June 2, 2020, Valorant was the first game besides League of Legends to be produced by the studio. For this first anniversary, the game will receive a mobile version and will continue to expand in the future, while Riot Games connect projects:

Valorant mobile: release date

Announced on the occasion of the first anniversary of the PC game, the mobile version of Valorant has not yet given a precise date.

However, This new title on Android and iOS is scheduled for 2022. Since no development information is provided, the community hopes that valuing mobile It is not very advanced at the moment and the studio has expressed a desire to release it. “during Year 2 of Assessing“.

Valorant mobile: APK, download and installation

So for now there is no version of the game available. No downloads are possible, no installation is possible, and the few sites that offer .APK files are, in fact, scams.

So avoid installing any game .apk files. valuing Mobile. As soon as a working version arrives, we will update this article.

Rate on iOS and Android: what changes, playability, cross-play …

We already know that the mobile version will not have nothing to see with the game on PC. So much so that there will be no crossover play between platforms, although the title will, of course, resume its shooter mechanics. “but less harsh, more permissive“.

One of our main goals this year was to gain the trust of FPS players and prove that Valorant is a true hardcore shooter. Seeing confirmation from the community, always more active and rich, pushes us to develop this universe through other channels, starting with mobile phones. – Anna Donlon, Executive Producer, Riot Games

Despite the lack of details, we have to believe that this new mobile version will also be a shooter therefore, with mechanics more suitable for phones and tablets. Also note that Riot Games is very interested in mobile platforms, since League of Legends is also entitled to different iterations on iOS and Androidthat also go through the Switch.

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