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“I am a patriot.” But Meloni downloads it publicly – Il Dubbio


Very first the confirmed participation, then the rumors about a doable decline, in the morning the guarantees that “the intervention of President Berlusconi will take position exactly in the approaches in which it was agreed.” Ultimately, the incipit of the letter with which Berlusconi justified his absence at the Milanese premiere of La variant DC, the very last literary hard work of the previous of the Christian Democrats, Gianfranco Rotondi: “Dear Gianfranco, I regret that conditions do not allow for it. take part in the presentation of his book, as I would have liked to do ».

And so the leader of Forza Italia, many thanks to a couple of strains of fever in recent days, has backed down and, just after offering up the presentation of Bruno Vespa’s reserve in Rome, this time it is his former minister’s turn to be abandoned by the Cavaliere . . That in this way he located a way to avoid even attainable awkward queries about the race to Colle, which a tiny much more than a thirty day period before the commence of the vote (the day has not still been made the decision, but we are chatting about the final 7 days of January) it truly is hotter and hotter. But Berlusconi offers some clues, speaking in the letter despatched to Rotondi about the latest govt and the next months of the legislature. “I imagine that one particular of the historical deserves of the Draghi authorities – Berlusconi writes – further than the outstanding function of contrasting the pandemic and the economic restart, is to have established the disorders to return, at the time this extraordinary and unrepeatable encounter has been conquer, to a much more mature bipolarism, based on respect for other folks and a frequent sense of belonging to the nation, to the homeland that represents us all, to its Constitution, to its democratic establishments.

The praise of the Draghi federal government and the reference to the Country, the Place and the Structure advise that the Knight is imagining about the race to the Cerro, even though he is familiar with that it will not be straightforward and that the opposition to his ascent to the Quirinal will be additional tricky than at any time. . But he is not discouraged, so a great deal so that he insists on contacting for the unity of the country. “Our types – he explains in the letter – are the great Christian-democratic figures, De Gasperi, Adenauer, Schuman, who were the founding fathers of the terrific European dream and Forza Italia is happy to depict the terrific European political loved ones in our nation. , that of the Popolari, which is an expression of these values ​​and this strategy of ​​Europe. The far more these values, this system, this eyesight of Italy and Europe are able of uniting the country – proceeds the former Prime Minister – beyond the discrepancies procedures and a healthful and important bipolar opposition, the better the long run will be, us and for the state we love.

On the just one hand, Berlusconi is seeking, on the other, the debate is a lot more heated than at any time. If by the historic “card number two” of Forza Italia, Antonio Martino, Berlusconi “could do it since the still left understood that it was erroneous to attack him on a individual stage, satisfying politicized magistrates and offended on absolutely particular issues”, the wall. the center-left appears impassable. In accordance to the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, “surprise is rising in the eyes of observers” about “the center-proper that is operating on the hypothesis of a slender the greater part on the name of Berlusconi.” For the amount a person of the Nazareno “it is important that there is a good preparing, that anyone is familiar with how the twelve former presidents have been created and that it is apparent that there has by no means been a political chief.”

Carlo Calenda attempts to pour water on the fireplace, constantly in his very own way, according to whom “in this enormous and indecent mess it would be easier to sit down between all the leaders and see if there is a name that fits all”. Presented the evidence that this kind of a individuality does not go again to Berlusconi, every person is seeking for the now famed “patriot” to be placed on the optimum hill in Rome. And although Renzi describes that the correct patriots had been Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, Giorgio Napolitano and Sergio Mattarella, who is familiar with that Berlusconi’s text yesterday in Milan, created in black and white, ended up not published on intent to make sure you Giorgia Meloni and compact the heart. -ideal. Phrases fly, writings keep on being.

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