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in the cinema but also in video games


Wednesday, December 15, 2021

SpiderMan in movie theater, in Serie, in comic books… is a real success ! But the franchise does not have to be ashamed at the level either. Video game !

With moreabout thirty games, the adventure of spider-man on the console begins in 1982 with a sober “Spider-Man” hanging out in Atari 2600. The first game to take on the character from the comics. it simply allows you to scale buildings to defuse the Green Jester bombs ! About fifteen games will be released in the different Amstard, PC, NES, SuperNES, Gameboy, Nintendo 64 or Mega Drive, until the revolution of the 2000s when Spider-Man first arrived in 3D in Playstation 1.

2000-2010: Movies and Games for Mobile Devices !

While a whole generation will rush to the movies to see the Sam Raimi trilogy with Tobey Maguire, video games are adapting and they decide to follow the trend with “Spider Man Movie. Published in 2002 on PS2, game Cube, Xbox, Gameboy, DS Y personal computer, the game takes up the plot of the movie and complements the story with elements taken from the comics.. A very effective game that will have the right to two sequels that will have a somewhat more varied success..

Once again, around fifteen games will be released during the decade with varying degrees of success on different consoles.. Magnificent “Spider Man: Dimensions“through the catastrophic”SpiderMan: on the borders of time“, the franchise focuses on quantity, sometimes neglecting quality. However, we will notice the presence of spider-man on mobile phones with the very successful “Ultimate spiderman: TOTAL MAYHEM“in 2010 and”SpiderUnlimited man” in 2014. The return to the cinema with Andrew Garfield in “The amazing spiderManA few years later, it will push developers and publishers to expand the scene of feature films in two games that will close the saga SpiderMan on Microsoft and Nintendo consoles.

The return with Playstation !

In 2018 coming to Playstation 4 “Marvel spiderMan”. Considered by many to be one of the best comic book adaptations for video games.. Is incrogable open world, who takes the party to tell a Original story that brings together many known enemies with phases of exploration, combat and infiltration., it will be a big bestseller. So effective that Sony decides to release the sequel “Marvel spiderMan Miles Morales.

One of the first games to be released on Playstation 5 brings us to a totally new adventure and once again it’s a big YES ! This indie takes us 1 year after the events of the first game to embody Miles Morales, new wearer of the Spider costumeOlder man in New York lit up in Christmas colors ! A new commercial success that will encourage Sony Y Insomniac Games has prepared a third game planned in 2023 sure Playstation 5.

A beautiful adventure woven by Spider-Man over the years, on a multitude of consoles, and that, therefore, is not ready to stop....

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