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“I thought ‘he’ will clear up my misunderstanding and call me, but it didn’t happen, I came home alone and …” – Marathi News | The woman in the love story says she had no idea that my man was cheating on me


ReflexesHe was angry because he was talking about the conference at the time, but he was dumb on his cell phone.We never hide our phones, we even know each other’s passwords.I started charging Jasper’s phone and my hands started shaking when I entered his password.

A woman told the portal about the relationship, how she found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her, not only that, but she was surprised when her boyfriend told her about it. Samantha, a New York-based jewelry designer, said: “I was so happy with my glamorous life and my perfect boyfriend, we had a good time, but one day when I realized that her boyfriend was threatening her, it all stopped. “.

Samantha goes on to say that Jasper had a habit of always checking his cell phone whenever he was busy with work, one day we went to dinner, he was still on the phone, he was angry that he was telling him about the conference at that time, still he was mute on his cell phone. I asked who you were texting, he said he was texting Derek, Derek was our mutual friend, I was upset when I asked him to call, I said I don’t think you’re talking to Derek, Jasper said , Why are you? You talk like crazy, and he refused to answer the phone.

We never hide the phone from each other, we also know each other’s passwords, we use each other’s phones to find out which Google Maps restaurants, he refused to give me the phone, so I was surprised, I said, if not not give the phone Don’t come to my house tonight, I thought it would clear up my misunderstanding and call me but it didn’t happen, I went home alone, after coming home I remembered, I have Jasper’s old phone in my closet, we both bought new phones a few years ago months. “I have the phone,” Samantha said.

I started to charge Jasper’s phone and my hands started to shake as he entered his password, I finally started to read his message, the ground under my feet moved, I got very restless, I had to take sleeping pills. The next day I called Jasper at home, he was always happy when he came home, but that day my mind was distracted, I opened the door, we sat next to each other like strangers, after a while of silence I asked him when is your adventure. ? He kept looking at me and asked me what was wrong.

I was surprised to hear this, finally taking care of me, how many adventures do you have? He said that at least 8 is on, I was surprised to hear his answer, I stopped breathing, I wanted to hear from Jasper that this is all a lie, that he will never leave me, but suddenly he stood up and said, now I Jato, the relationship that started with happiness finally ended.

Web title: The woman in the love story says she had no idea that my man was cheating on me

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