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redeem it before it’s too late

Once in a while, Steam will offer a free game for a limited time, usually on weekends. One of those weekends has already arrived, as the company offers free copies of Metro 2033. The game will remain yours if you add it during the free period.

Metro 2033 is free on Steam from now until March 15, 2023. As always, games claimed for free through Steam do not release trading cards. Metro 2033 Redux, Metro Last light Redux e Metro Exodus (along with all their DLC) are on sale throughout the weekend at discounted prices. Both Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux are on sale at € 3.99 each, while Metro Exodus, the latest game in the series, retails for € 13.59.

Metro 2033: the entire franchise is for sale

Sam’s story me The two colonelsDLC expansions for Metro Exodus are on sale for € 7.19 and € 3.19 respectively, or you can buy both in the Metro Exodus Expansion Pass for € 9.99. Metro 2033 Redux offers a few different gameplay improvements than the original version, as it introduced a number of features and improvements that were first provided with Metro Last Light.

The premise of the Metro series, based on the novels of Dmitry Glukhovsky, is that the survivors of a nuclear holocaust have created underground communities around the stations of the Moscow Metro. Some have maintained old-world political philosophies, with a war between Stalinists and neo-Nazis in the tunnels as bandits hunt everyone down for bullets, the new subway currency.

Regardless of what you decide to do with Metro 2033 and its sequels, you only have a few days to do it, as Steam will keep the Metro 2033 promotion through March 15, including discounts on the franchise.