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“I wouldn’t hire someone who can’t play!”


What game did you grow up playing? Pong, Tetris, GTA, Street Fighter or Pokémon? The games on the screen have always exerted an immense fascination and inspire until old age. But what is the reason for that, why are games so popular, and what makes a game successful?

That’s why games are so popular: “Just be an elf”

dr Benjamin Bigl knows some answers. The video game expert did his doctorate on the effects of virtual video games. In addition to the sheer fun and learning effect, the games also inspire through the so-called self-efficacy experience. “Immediately you see your action and spin, you find outlets, you win by making mistakes,” explains Bigl. “Everyone has to make mistakes in games, that’s not so fashionable anymore in our society, but you only learn by making mistakes in the game.” Role-playing is also important: “You’re a cowboy, you can be a hero that you’re not in real life, you can also be an elf or a pony or God knows what.”

It also reports on how games can be used by various companies, from royal marketing gag Moorhuhn to US Army shooters. Bigl also outlines why Let’s Plays is doing so well, and why gamble with reality goggles. Virtual hasn’t convinced you yet and actually poses more data protection risks. However, he also doesn’t know the secret recipe for a successful game: “If everyone knew what that Da Vinci code is, then everyone would be able to do it.”

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