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Lost Society Review IF HEAVEN SHALL Fall

LostSociety IF THE SKY Arrived DOWN

contemporary Metals, Nuclear Blast/RTD (10 songs / Unveiled: 30.9.)

IF HEAVEN WOULD Reduce on Amazon

IF THE SKY Arrived DOWN is particularly solid when you can guess the theme of the lyrics in the tunes: on ‘What Have I Done’ and ‘Awake’ (gorgeous: strings!) the instruments convey an uncomfortable sensation, on ‘Creature’ Elbanna he lets out a mad giggle, and discomfort oozes from the closing ballad ‘Suffocating’. As regrettable as Missing Society’s improve may well be for followers of the very first hour: considerably far more vital than a typical genre identify is whether or not the quartet is continue to good at what they do. The solution is very simple: yes.

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