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"Icelandvers" ... Iceland tourism video pokes fun at "Metaverse"

“Icelandvers” … Iceland tourism video pokes fun at “Metaverse”

The advertisement of the company Meta (formerly Facebook), for the virtual world “Metaverse”, received a response calling it “ice cream, and from an unexpected place”, which is Iceland, through a video about tourism in this country of the Northwest Europe. according to the newspaper.The Wall Street Journal“.

The video talks about “realistic” tourism on the island of Iceland, ironically about the “virtual” metaverse, and was published last Thursday by the channel “Inspired by Iceland”, and its duration is two minutes and 23 seconds .

The person in the ad video appears to be poking fun at Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who last month revealed the virtual world of Metaverse, which he hopes will allow people to play, interact and work with each other while wearing virtual reality glasses, according to the Newspaper.

In the video, a person dressed in dark clothing, with short hair combed forward, similar to Zuckerberg, has been titled “Icelandverse”, in reference to the word “Virus” in the virtual world of Meta Corporation.

Through the video, the young man, named Zack, urges people to come to Iceland and enjoy its picturesque nature, waterfalls and springs of warm water, on the ground, not virtual like Metaverso, where “there is no need for glasses of silly look. ” , and where there are “real humans to communicate” with, according to Zack.

Mark Zuckerberg, who wrote a comment on Facebook below the video, said: “Wonderful, soon I will take a trip to Iceland.”

The video did not evoke the feelings of Mark Zuckerberg