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ID Wallet App: The Digital Driver's License On A Cell Phone Is Apparently Easy To Forge

ID Wallet App: The Digital Driver’s License On A Cell Phone Is Apparently Easy To Forge

3, 2, 1 and ready the fake digital driver’s license. After that already massive security issues in the official app for the digital driver’s license, Verimi has now caught on too. Behind are, among other things, as shareholders companies like
  • alliance
  • axel jumper
  • federal press
  • Daimler
  • Deutsche Bahn
  • Dgerman bank
  • Deutsche Telecom
  • LufthansaSamsung
  • Volkswagen Financial Services

This app also try your luck in digital wallet. The idea: It should be able to be identified with just a click or the tip of a finger. The mobile should provide easy and secure management of your identity. But the security fails due to the so-called photo identification process.

The security expert did Martin Tschirsch leveraged and thus acquired various fake digital identities. To circumvent photo ID, he photographed the front and back of the driver’s license, digitally changed the name, and printed the doctored images larger than life at a photo kiosk.

He then photographed the manipulated images with the app and took a selfie. The “AI-supported process” then confirms the authenticity of the images within seconds. Tschirsich states that the total duration of the attack was only 30 minutes.

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