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IF YOU HAVE THESE 9 APPS, DELETE THEM IMMEDIATELY!  They are dangerous and steal data and MILLIONS of people use it

IF YOU HAVE THESE 9 APPS, DELETE THEM IMMEDIATELY! They are dangerous and steal data and MILLIONS of people use it

Nine Android apps that pretend to be legitimate, but steal Facebook user data and passwords.

Source: SMARTLife / Unsplash / Denny Müller

Google is sa PlayStore-a knocked out nine Android applications that together have more than 5.8 million downloads.

The reason for this decision is that the researchers discovered that they contained malicious code that stole Facebook user data and passwords.

These harmful apps They are made to look and function as legitimate services for image processing, exercise, cleaning your device memory, daily horoscope, etc., notes the Russian antivirus software company. Dr.Weband transfers Ars Technica. The reality is that they are carefully designed to fool users who would later share usernames and passwords.

All of these apps offered users the option to unlock all of the app’s features, as well as the ability to remove ads within them, and only if the user logs into Facebook account through your app. How many services offer the option to create your account by logging in with yours? Facebook profile, it’s really not surprising that this scam hasn’t been noticed before. Once a user chooses to log in that way, the app opens a legitimate one Facebook a login page that has two fields to enter a password and a username.

At that point, anything the user types in those fields would be sent directly to a hacker-controlled computer, something called a command-and-control server, and all of this is enabled through clever, hidden, and malicious code. researchers. . Dr.Web. They discovered ten malicious Trojans in those applications, of which nine were available on Google Play Store stores.

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The two apps used to process photos also have by far the most downloads, PIP photo has more than 5 million installations, Processing photo 500,000, while the three applications have more than 100,000 downloads. If you have downloaded any of these applications, it is recommended to change your login information to Facebook social network, as well as other online accounts you have, especially if you use the same login information that you shouldn’t.

  • Processing photo
  • PIP photo
  • Trash cleaner
  • App Lock Keep
  • App lock manager
  • Lockit’s Master
  • Horoscope Pi
  • Daily horoscope
  • Inwell Fitness

All nine apps have been removed from Play store app stores, a Google-ov a spokesperson said Ars Technica that the developers behind these apps will no longer be able to apply for their apps to be found in that store.

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