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III multimedia exams, from the assignment of the matter to the final grade. Guideline

state maturity test

Final State Examination of the initial cycle of education as 2021/22, we publish a brief guide that illustrates all the necessities related to the exam: what instructors do and what pupils do, what the class councils, the commission and the subcommittees.

Esame III media 2020/21

L ‘exam ultimate status of the first academic cycle as 2021/22, owing to the epidemiological emergency, It consists of a one oral exam and the planning and presentation of a perform. by the students, as recognized by OM n. 52/2017.

The test is carried out concerning the end of the lessons and June 30 in the existence, apart from as offered by the wellness authority and other than in some certain conditions, for which the test will be carried out by videoconference or one more synchronous telematic method.

These are the strategies and obligations connected to the exam, its general performance and the analysis of college students:

  • thematic assignment well prepared by the course council for each student prior to Might 7, 2021
  • guidance teachers to learners in carrying out the work and in picking the sort it really should have
  • transmission to the class council of the get the job done by the learners before June 7, 2021
  • Ultimate ballot for the acceptance of the admission to the test and attribution of the relative quality in tenths
  • preliminary conference
  • consider the exam
  • last evaluation.


As claimed at the beginning, we printed a single quick tutorial indicating stage by phase compliance Linked toexamination. This is the index of the Information:

  1. Premise
  2. Compliance timetable and summary
  3. Examination treatment (examination, deal with-to-experience examination and / or videoconference)
  4. Elaborate thematic do the job
  5. Organized: attributes and delivery day
  6. Trainer assistance to learners to have out the gildings
  7. Test Functions Plan
  8. Ultimate scrutiny: admission, qualification and certification of capabilities
  9. Preliminary conference and connected obligations
  10. Commission and subcommittees
  11. Principal, Second Grade Condition Exams, and His Substitute
  12. Examination course of action
  13. Final evaluation
  14. Publication of outcomes
  15. College students with disabilities and SLD
  16. Reference laws
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