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Pikmin AR mobile game now in early access in Singapore

Pikmin AR mobile game now in early access in Singapore

If Niantic was able to take out of the Pokémon license many different types of interactions to replenish its application content Pokemon go, who turns 5 this summer, the question arises around Pikmin, which remains essentially a game of exploration and reflection. As one might expect, Pikmin AR It seems at the moment to be quite modest in content, the first comments mainly report an application to passively accompany a small walk.

While walking, the player collects “walking energy *”, gradually drawing Pikmin behind. These cute creatures can find fruit, which is then turned into nectar that allows you to make your Pikmin bloom. It will also be possible to send your Pikmin on an expedition to return to a place already visited during a hike and bring new Pikmin seeds. Flowering Pikmin will also leave petals, allowing you to see which paths you’ve already taken for five days. Of the seven types of Pikmin currently on license (blue, red, yellow, white, purple, rock black, and flying pink), some would appear only in certain locations.

Currently only playable in Singapore, this early access from Pikmin AR it is still an incomplete version. This augmented reality application should be deployed worldwide during the year on Android and iOS mobile devices. In the case of How to play would be light on release, we hope it has at least as good a following as to Pokemon go, which knew how to renew itself and attract players to the point of having its best year in 2020.

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