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"I'm scared, but post it": security guard filmed a ghost at the door of the building

“I’m scared, but post it”: security guard filmed a ghost at the door of the building

Wednesday, January 27, 2021 11:46

The guard was surprised by the security camera footage that showed the figure of a woman.

A security guard was terribly scared when, upon reviewing the cameras, he realized that there was a “ghost” in front of his eyes.

Still stunned by the situation, the man decided to share it on social media.

According to the man’s own account, As always, he was carrying out his surveillance tasks in a building in our country, when he was surprised by what would be the ghost of a woman at the entrance to his workplace.

Looking at the security cameras, the guard realized that the woman was staring at him. When he was involved in an alleged paranormal fact, he decided to grab his phone and decided to record himself to account for the “crazy” situation in which he was immersed.

“This is something that never happened. I’m scared, but posta”The man literally said after showing that there was nothing or no one in the entrance hall to the building. However, When focusing on the monitor that broadcast the security footage live, a woman wearing a striped dress is seen standing next to the electric doorman, staring at the guard.

“Do you see her? There is a woman at the door of the building, next to the electric doorman,” he is heard saying with his breathing somewhat agitated. / The people’s voice

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