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Impressions of Demon’s Soul PS5 Initial Review


The devil’s soul on the PS5 is a sight to see. Focusing on how beautiful it looks is a bit reductive, but after playing for a few hours, that’s what’s currently the most noticeable to me. Playing games that are clearly moving forward is incredibly effective, as people around the world are investing in expensive new consoles. Please forgive me if it sounds a little superficial. But that’s pretty sad.

In Demon’s Souls, the Nexus acts as a kind of prison for the evil souls of those who hunt monsters invading the Kingdom of Boletaria. This is the first in a long line of FromSoftware Hub locations where players can seek comfort from the cruelty of the surrounding world. But to me, the PS3 version of Nexus had an ominous quality and was certainly a safe harbor, but it was also vulnerable to it, like the faint light in the infinite space that invades the darkness. was.

However, arriving at the PS5 version of Nexus was really overwhelming. Sure, some of that could be due to the fierce nostalgia for the game that caused the obsession with the sub-genre it pioneered, However It will ignore the amount of work Blue Point has done to bring Demon’s Souls to life in the way FromSoftware originally envisioned. And I think that’s what seems to be the fundamental goal of this remake. Take the vision of Demon’s Souls, stay true to it, and express it in a way that FromSoftware couldn’t bring back to 2009. m It’s still quite early in the game, but now Bluepoint feels successful in this regard.

The nexus is now much more impressive and conveys the thoughts and feelings it intended to convey more sharply. It’s like a forgotten place of worship, and the only remaining congregation is destined to be a breakwater against an unstoppable stream of evil. Still, returning to it is comforting. It’s depressing, but also hopeful, giving you the comfort and calm you need to gather yourself and adventure again. This isn’t just achieved by the technical work done by Bluepoint, including high-resolution textures, detailed models, and some nice lighting. The studio’s own artistic expression is also working, and much of the game’s prosperity is unique to Blue Point. It’s important to note that so far they haven’t staged or staged From Software layouts. This speaks to the studio’s clear understanding of the vision.

Yes, thanks to the power of the PS5, the bunch of candles scattered around the nexus emits a pleasing pocket of light, but Blue Point rebuilt and redesigned part of the nexus and devoted itself to its purpose. did. The candles are deliberately placed in the strange different world qualities of the environment, with the warmth radiated from them. The towering statue of the saint is in the brilliant light, with a new version of the Nexus theme, its soothing guitar, soft violin, and soothing choir can make the familiar hub a truly moving place. I can do it.

The sensation of Blue Point, which enhances the details of the paintings drawn by FromSoftware, extends to the way it is reproduced. On the other hand, PS5’s Demon’s Souls is as usual, and the experience of using the original has given me a confident start (although not always successful, after all, this is a Souls game. is. ). On the other hand, tweaks, changes, and in some cases new additions also make it stand out. My faint memory of enemy placement meant that some of its surprising elements, and the more evil tricks the game draws to you, aren’t too difficult. But it didn’t make the game so much fun to play.

Demon’s Souls always felt like a slower-paced game than other games of pedigree. It demanded more consideration (and was to punish mistakes a bit more), and it demanded movement accuracy as well as timing. That’s still true, but Bluepoint enhances the momentary experience by giving everything a profound feeling. From walking to running to rolling, there’s stunning animation, rich audio, and a real sense of exertion created by the physics that governs them all. I’ve played this game before and completed all the soul games that followed, but when I played it, I pushed the rock I had first when I played the original Demon’s Souls on the PS3 uphill. I remember the feeling of trying.


The battle feels as deliberate as it was in its original state, but Bluepoint has significantly improved the feedback it gets. This makes it very impactful to tie the sword to the armor of an enemy knight, or the flesh of a wandering warrior. I was stabbed by the booming sound that occurred when I swung the shield and stopped the attack perfectly, followed by the sword stabbed with such a force that the enemy was lifted into the air and slammed into the ground. It’s my first time to flinch. I did. On top of that, the subtle vibrations of DualSense during all this made each subsequent parry and counterattack attack satisfying.

There’s a lot more to say about Demons Soul for PS5, but it can wait for a full review. I want to go back to playing it, and it should say a lot. Early signs are good for games. At this point, I started expecting Bluepoint to make a top-notch remake, but it’s a game where the studio feels like it’s also creativity, and when I step deeper into Boletaria, I I am excited. What else is in it?

再生中: PS5でのデモンズソウルの最初の16分間(パフォーマンスモード)

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