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MacOS Big Sur released today: 7 great features to watch out for


A few months ago, macOS 11 Big Sur got a major version number upgrade. Some of us thought it would be version 10.16 (because Catalina was labeled 10.15), but Apple decided to raise it to 11. With the recent launch of Macs with Apple Silicon-powered Macs, why Apple chose to step up. macOS 11 Big Sur is the first version of the OS that natively supports new Macs that have switched from Intel silicon to Apple’s own SoC.

Even if you’ve been using Big Sur (Intel-powered Mac) for a while and don’t immediately upgrade to Apple’s latest Mac, it’s clear that there are many things to watch out for in the new operating system. Here are some of my favorite features of macOS Big Sur, including features optimized for India.

1. Faster update

We continue to delay macOS updates due to the time it takes to install minor updates. Big Sur wants to fix it. According to Apple, software updates start in the background and the actual installation process is much faster than before. There is no reason to delay these updates any further.

2. macOS messages will eventually be as good as iOS messages

If you’re using iMessage, messaging apps are probably a big part of your everyday workflow. Over the last few years, I’ve always felt that major updates are needed to make macOS messages comparable to iOS apps. Features such as sending stickers and nice iMessage effects weren’t available on macOS until Big Sur came out. With support from Big Sur, including pinned conversations, in-line replies, and message effects, we’ve finally achieved the message upgrade we’ve been waiting for.

The best part is to also add support for localized message effects in India. Messages such as Happy Diwali and Happy Holi will automatically apply these effects, even if they are written in any of the 23 Indian languages ​​supported by macOS Big Sur.

3. New macOS font for India

Just as iOS 14 added support for new Indian fonts, macOS Big Sur has added support for 20 new document fonts in India, in addition to 18 Indian font updates to add italics and font weights. Added.

4. Safari is faster and more power efficient

This year, macOS Safari has a customizable start page where you can add your own wallpapers or change the layout to customize it to your liking. Apart from this, Safari also loads pages faster and saves battery life. Both are very important features for anyone who uses a MacBook at work. The new privacy reporting feature is great for seeing which trackers are blocked and how your privacy is protected.

5. Control Center

Making macOS iOS is a bit controversial subject, but in many cases it adds useful features. For example, we’ve already talked about messages on macOS, but in the end this is an app that should always be. Similarly, macOS gets the Control Center that iOS has had for several years. You can quickly access common settings such as Wi-Fi and AirDrop without having to go to System Preferences every time.

6. Voice memo has some great features

Like the iOS version, Voice Memos on macOS has great features such as Enhanced Recordings that help you quickly reduce background noise and focus on your voice. You can also take advantage of great features such as smart folders that automatically classify recordings and the ability to mark specific recordings as favorites for easy access.

7. Reduce battery aging

With macOS Big Sur, you can view a graph of battery usage history, just as you would with iOS. This is great for monitoring actual battery life. In addition, Big Sur has introduced a feature called Optimized Battery Charging to reduce battery aging. This feature allows macOS to learn charging routines and slow down charging when the Mac is connected to the charger for extended periods of time. According to Apple, this will reduce battery drain and extend life.

Which is your favorite macOS Big Sur feature? Please let us know in the comments.

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