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In support of the military cables ... Mikati: We will take steps to remain firm

In support of the military cables … Mikati: We will take steps to remain firm

Prime Minister Najib Mikati praised “the role played by the Internal Security Forces in guaranteeing the protection of people, maintaining security and defending institutions, despite the difficult economic conditions many of them like other Lebanese are going through.” He stressed: “We are proud that the security forces that bring together the Lebanese, from all sects and regions, continue to work with dedication and discipline, overcoming difficulties and the lack of financial and logistical capacity to complete their tasks.”

President Mikati had received the Director General of the Internal Security Forces, Major General Imad Othman, at the head of the Leadership Council delegation, this Monday before noon at the Grand Serail.

During the meeting, President Mikati said: “What the government is doing to address the complexities and the many files available will not be complete without the presence of the security forces who ensure the implementation of the laws and the protection of the people. And other security forces and activating it in the interest of the country, strengthening security, preventing any attempt to alter the peace and security, and controlling the subversive networks that seek to undermine Lebanon again.

He stressed that “the government is in the process of taking a series of measures and measures to provide the minimum elements of resilience to the military and security forces and other public sector workers, pending the government workshop to put the and social files on the way to a successful solution. “

He received the Director General of the Bidding Department, Jean Al-Alaiya, who said: I had the honor of meeting today with President Mikati, where the Public Procurement Law was discussed in light of Constitutional Council Resolution No. 5/2021 , and I listened to your directives, and today this matter is in good hands.

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He also received the president of the Court of Accounts, Judge Muhammad Badran, at the head of a delegation, who presented him with a report on the account cut for 2019.

After the meeting, Judge Nelly Abi Younes announced, on behalf of the delegation, that the Audit Office continues to audit the accounts and is waiting to receive the 2020 accounts from the Ministry of Finance to complete the audit and cut their accounts. . .