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Im Test vor 15 Jahren: Teufel und Logitech im 5.1-Schlagabtausch

In the test 15 years ago: Teufel and Logitech in a 5.1 exchange of blows

In the test from 15 years ago, Teufel traded blows with the Concept E Magnum Power Edition, CEM PE for short, and Logitech with the Z-5450 Digital (test). At €159, the Teufel system was priced slightly less than the Z-5450 Digital, which was available from around €199.

Good performance or good sound

The Logitech Z-5450 Digital offered some thoughtful features that Teufel did not offer with the CEM PE: for example, the system had a control unit that could be used to do all the settings. The fact that this unit had the receiver for the remote control supplied was just as handy, as the large subwoofer, which could be placed anywhere in the room, didn’t have to be aimed like with Teufel. The control unit’s display also made it possible to read important information, such as the selected signal input and activated effects.

Another special feature of the Z-5450 Digital was that the two rear speakers were routed wirelessly, eliminating the need for laborious whole-room wiring; only one socket near the speakers was required. In addition, the Z-5450 Digital made it possible to tilt the feet of the satellites by 90°, so they could be easily mounted on a wall.

Technical specifications

The Teufel Concept E Magnum Power Edition set priorities differently and focused more on inner values ​​than a stylish exterior or fancy features. It started with the center speaker, which had two midrange drivers instead of one, making it easier to understand voices in movies. Satellite feet were less sophisticated: they were decoupled with rubber feet, but could not be wall-mounted. To do this, Teufel offered the option of hanging them through a hole or attaching them to their own speaker stands. Both options were omitted for the center speaker, which did not offer any mounting options. Unlike Logitech, the control electronics were in the large, heavy subwoofer with a 25 cm cone. This also offered many more setting options, for example for the phase of the subwoofer or the crossover frequency.

In terms of sound, there was a clear winner.

In terms of sound, the tests turned out to be a clear winner. Although the Logitech subwoofer had more power according to the technical data, it was much more reserved when it came to playing music. On the one hand, this ensured that the bass was produced relatively accurately and did not end in a muffled boom, on the other hand, the bass was often missing. It was completely different with the CEM PE, which offered powerful bass that never let down in any situation. This was particularly evident when the systems were operated close to the maximum level: here Teufel shone with very good level stability and at the same time rich bass. This impression was confirmed by playing the film. While the Concept E Magnum PE created a believable setting, the sound positions were blurred by the Logitech system. This was a minor issue in games, with both systems it was possible to localize gunshot noises, for example, without any issues.


In the end, 15 years ago, the conclusion was clear: the Teufel Concept E Magnum Power Edition for 159 euros was a real purchase recommendation for anyone looking for a 5.1 system. Powerful bass and high-level stability in combination with excellent spatial impression and good mixing spoke for the Teufel system. While the manufacturer didn’t offer any of the many fancy features that the Logitech Z-5450 Digital offered, the sound was superior. Logitech only had equally good audio playback with the Z-5500 Digital THX for nearly $400.

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