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In Us' new map unveiled at The Game Awards 2020

In Us’ new map unveiled at The Game Awards 2020

Among us Released in 2018 on one map, The Skald. Two new maps, Mira HQ and Polus, put the game on Streamer’s radar. Eventually, a small social subterfuge game exploded, making it one of the biggest titles in 2020. At the Game Awards on Thursday, developer Inner Sloth unveiled something new. Among us..

It’s called an airship and takes place in a brightly lit spaceship full of references to Inner Sloth’s Henry Stickmin game. Not only does the player have a new task, but he can start in another room after an emergency meeting, which rocks things.

The new map has familiar elements. Vents used by scammers, puzzles such as wiring and data downloads, and emergency meeting buttons.Fun Among us Always learns every corner of each map and abuses them to best kill the crew (or, if you’re not a scammer, learn how to best complete a task without being killed) ..

Among us The popularity of games during pandemics on streaming platforms has led to a social media boom in recent months.Game pit A scammer who can kill and interfere with a shipFor innocent crew members who have to work together.Players need to face each other because everyone looks the same and it’s unclear who the scammers are During an emergency meeting..

Because the game has become so popular The sequel under development has been cancelled To avoid splitting the player base.Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Congressman, and Canada’s New Democratic Party leader, Jagmate Singh, both used Among us Encourage and educate voters..

The new map Originally made fun of on social mediaHowever, the player only got a glimpse of the cockpit. This gives us a much better idea of ​​the arena when the new map is released. There is no release date at this time, but players watching The Game Awards will find it useful to download Geoff Keighley’s masks.

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