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Intel Arc Pro Graphics: Workstation-GPUs feiern ihr Debüt auf der SIGGRAPH 2022

Intel Arc Pro Graphics: Workstation GPUs Make Debut at SIGGRAPH 2022

Image: Intel

At the conference that begins on Monday, August 8 SIGGRAPHY 2022 of the Association for Computing Machinery (CAM) Intel will showcase its upcoming workstation GPUs based on ACM (“Alchemist”) graphics processors for the first time and demonstrate its AI feature set and ray tracing capabilities.

Intel Arc Pro will make its debut on August 9

As part of SIGGRAPH 2022 from August 8-11, an annual four-day conference of the ACM theme group dealing with computer graphics, the manufacturer will present for the first time the Core i series, Xeon and solutions for the data center Demonstrate Intel Arc Pro Graphics series with Intel XeSS.

Intel will publicly show Intel® Arc™ Pro Graphics workstation GPUs live for the first time.


For display at SIGGRAPH 2022, which is scheduled for August 9, Intel has established the following program items. The demos will run on an Arc Pro Graphics series workstation GPU for the first time.

SIGGRAPH 2022 – Showcase
  • Real-time route tracking with Intel® GPU
    • See Intel® Arc™ and Intel Data Center GPUs running SideFX Houdini through a USD Hydra viewport live at the Intel booth.
  • Pixar RenderMan Accelerated with Intel® Open VKL
    • See the recently released Intel® Open Volume Kernel Library plugin for RenderMan in action running on a 12th Gen Intel Core HX processor.
  • Enhanced rendering with Intel® Open PGL
    • See the recently released Intel® Open Path Guiding Library in action, built into Blender running on a Lenovo Ultra 360 with an Intel® 12 Gen Core i9 processor.
  • 3D graphics with Blender and Intel® GPU
    • See stunning 3D graphics with Blender 3D powered by Intel® Arc™ technology and Intel Data Center GPUs through oneAPI software development tools.


In addition to real-time ray tracing and Intel XeSS, the manufacturer also wants demonstrations of the enhancement technology. Video enhancement AI from Topaz Labs using hardware acceleration from an Intel Arc Pro.

See Topaz Video Enhance AI which brings older lower resolution video to higher resolution visually enhanced through Intel® Arc™ Pro hardware-accelerated AI offering the first HW-assisted AI capability available on a desktop workstation. entry level.


In advance, Intel already presents some of the expected results using powerful AI scaling technology, as well as ray tracing and XeSS with the help of professional real-time rendering. D5 from dimension 5.

Image Comparison: No AI enhancement (Image: Intel) With AI enhancement (Image: Intel)

With the help of D5 Render and an Intel Arc Pro Professional Series workstation graphics card, which is aimed primarily at businesses and content creators and is based on Alchemist graphics processors, drawings and sketches can be rendered even more fast in high-resolution renderings. .

Image Comparison: Sketch (Image: Intel) Rendering (Image: Intel)

Intel provides more information Theme Page for SIGGRAPH 2022.

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