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Intel Foundry IDM 2.0: First Major Chip Customers Are AWS and Qualcomm

Image: Intel

The first major customers have been identified for Intel’s new foundry service: Amazon Web Services (AWS) wants to use advanced packaging for its server CPUs and Qualcomm relies on chips in the production stage Intel 20A (“2nm”) , which will be available from 2024 and should be using Gate All Around (GAA) for the first time.

Therefore, Qualcomm has at least two fronts when it comes to these types of chips, because the SoC developer also expects the first Samsung chips with ATMs by early 2024.

The type of packaging that AWS chose was not clear in the preview. Intel offers a wide range of EMIBs to connect chips in a carrier to Foveros as stacking technology. Both solutions will be improved in the coming years and create new generations. Foveros will follow a similar path as TSMC uses in packaging: Die-on-Die-Stacking stacking as with AMD Ryzen with additional cache could soon be possible from Intel in addition to classic stacking methods. The new Foveros will not be available until 2023, and EMIB will also take a step forward in that year.

Intel packaging
Intel Packaging (Bild: Intel)

ComputerBase received information about this article from Intel under NDA. The only requirement was the earliest possible posting time.

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