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Intel-Gerüchte: Kern-Bestückung von (Xeon) w9-3495 und Meteor Lake

Intel Rumors: (Xeon) w9-3495 Kernel Assembly and Meteor Lake

Image: Intel

Intel’s high-end Sapphire Rapids processor debuts as a workstation version, which could also be followed by a HEDT model in the not-too-distant future. There’s also news about Intel’s next but only desktop and laptop solution, Meteor Lake, where the core architectures were finally named for the first time.

Meteor Lake with two new CPU architectures

Intel’s main solution, Meteor Lake, was more on the lips of the manufacturer than current or directly subsequent products, the model after the next is simply the most exciting overall. Because the Raptor Lake upgrade CPU family, which is to follow shortly, simply makes very little new and also remains at the same production level as it would be sold.

As is well known, this is different with Intel Meteor Lake. The EUV production used by Intel for the first time should produce new large and small cores with significant improvements. This is tied together by a mosaic structure, as Intel’s “chiplet” approach is called. In the end, four of these tiles make up the entire processor.

The processor cores that will once again be based on Intel’s hybrid approach now have a confirmation of the architecture used. The codenames are Redwood Cove and Crestmont, the former representing the performance cores, the latter being the “atom” cores, i.e. the E-Cores. They replace Golden Cove or Refresh Raptor Cove and Gracemont.

112 threads on the Sapphire Rapids workstation

Rumors have been circulating for some time that Intel would also offer Sapphire Rapids as a single CPU solution and as a desktop variant. The former has now been seen in the form of a workstation variant called the w9-3495. It was recently assumed that Intel is adapting workstation models to the naming scheme of central processors, instead of an “i” there is a “w”. However, it is not known whether the Xeon will stay ahead: in the notebook, Intel has given up the Xeons in favor of the Core, although it is a slightly different environment here.

Intel (Xeon) w9-3495
Intel (Xeon) w9-3495 (Image:

The model with 56 cores shows 112 threads, and support for AVX-512 and the new AMX is also part of the game. Clock frequencies are not final yet, 1.8 GHz corresponds to those of typical Intel test samples in advance. Such a solution can hardly be expected before the end of the year, but it will probably be more likely in early 2023, and that applies not only to the workstation, but also to a possible high-end desktop (HEDT).