When it comes to sports, summer is really kicking off with Nintendo Switch: Starting Friday, July 27, all Nintendo Switch fans will get a free update to the new sports and party game. nintendo switch sports available – and with updates for football, volleyball and online play.

Just don’t lose the shoe

After the update, players will be able to participate in 4v4 and 1v1 soccer matches using the Joy-Con and the leg strap, which is included with the physical version of the game but can of course also be purchased separately. The Joy-Con on the leg strap transfers your body movements, i.e. your shots, to your character on screen. Also, by moving their hands as if they were jogging in place, they can now literally run after the ball during play.

The free update not only increases the fun of playing for leg strap users. Volleyball fans can also look forward to some great new features. Additional moves await them, such as the running feint or the hammer. On top of that, the Pro League will be expanded to include the new S and ∞ ranks. Such ambitious competitors can earn even more fame and glory in the online game. And when they’re not competing with players from all over the world, they can happily meet up for matches using the new room IDs. It’s never been easier to meet up with friends from faraway places online and play Nintendo Switch Sports.

More details on the content of the software update from July 27 can be found at nintendo site. By the way, the next free update is already in the starting blocks for the fall. From then on, fans of Nintendo Switch Sports will also be able to play golf. So it pays to stay on the ball.

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