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Intel to Release Sapphire Rapids HEDT Processors for W790 Chipset

At the disposal of the portal VideoCardz It turned out that information about the plans for the development of Intel Sapphire Rapids processors appeared, confirming that new items will be introduced not only in the server segment, but also in the HEDT format for high-performance PCs.

Sapphire Rapids is supposed to be based on 10nm HEDT process technology based on the Glacial Falls platform will become successors to Cascade Lake. Intel’s latest generation of HEDT processors still use the 14nm process, which is why AMD’s Threadripper platform has generated much more interest from consumers.

A pop-up roadmap from an anonymous source lists Sapphire Rapids as an HEDT product expiring at the end of Q2 2022. Considering that the Xeon Sapphire Rapids generation announcement postponed for at least two quarters, there is a possibility that the announcement of the new series of HEDT processors will also be delayed.

Also, according to the leak, Sapphire Rapids HEDT processors will reject chipset series X in favor of W. The roadmap lists the W790 chipset as the platform for the next generation of HEDT.

VideoCardz It also reports that high-performance Alder Lake-S models for the LGA1700 socket may be given the suffix X instead of K, that is, they will be called, for example, the Core i9-12960X. At the moment, these are only rumors based on preliminary information that the resource has received in recent weeks.

Intel’s Sapphire Rapids HEDT models can run concurrently with the Raptor Lake series of processors, which are expected to also support 700 series chipsets. Intel Raptor Lake will be the successor to the Alder Lake series, which will launch later this year. . With all of this in mind, the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 5000 processors, which are expected to launch around the second or third quarter of 2021, will not compete until next year.

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