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Internet: Internet and media:

Roskomnadzor advocated a ban on the use of profanity in online cinemas. This was reported by “Interfax»Alexander Khinshtein, chairman of the State Duma committee on information policy, information technology and communications.

According to him, the form and regulation of the restrictions should be discussed, but it is not just about marking the age. According to the parliamentarian, at present, many television series released in online cinemas initially contain a large number of profanities. At the same time, the absence of restrictions leads to the fact that the platform’s owners are filming deliberately provocative content, Khinshtein added.

At the same time, the deputy of the State Duma pointed out that we are talking only about the Russian audience: the concept of restrictions does not contemplate television series and films that are broadcast in other countries.

In Russia from February 1 facts the law that forces social networks to search and block posts with illegal content. According to the document, social networks, which are visited by more than 500 thousand Russian users per day, will have to personally monitor the content. The law specifically prohibits materials containing obscene language.