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The complete PS3 catalog available on PC thanks to RPCS3

The complete PS3 catalog available on PC thanks to RPCS3

Unless you’re a staunch collector with a gigantic storage slot, you don’t need to keep your PS3 to play your favorite titles. In fact, an RCPS3 emulator now allows you to access your entire catalog, from your PC.

Emulators, although legal, are often criticized by publishers and developers for the deficit they represent for them. However, the feat that RCPS3 thanks to its software, it commands respect.

In fact, the free emulator of Playstation 3, available in Windows and GNU / Linux, has just reached a new level by making available to PC gamers, the entire catalog of games initially released on the PS3. Cast in 4K or even 10K By some!

The development of this emulator started in 2011 and the task was proving colossal. Nevertheless, October 20, 2021, the team working on RPCS3 revealed through a tweet that all the titles present on the PS3 were now released in personal computer thanks to its emulator.

We are delighted to announce that RPCS3 now has a total of ZERO games with the status ‘Nothing’! This means that all known games and applications start at least in the emulator, with no regression occurring that prevents the games from starting. We can’t wait to dump the ‘Loadable’ status too!

However, although admirable, it is important to qualify this performance, because not all of them are playable from start to finish in good condition. In fact, “only” 63.53% of the games are and 36.47% still have some technical problems. The road promises to be long and winding for the team behind this project, but with a hard heart, nothing is impossible. And she seems determined to prove it to us.

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