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Inventory: Intel Arc, where are you?

A week ago, Intel officially released the Arc A750 and Arc A770 (test) graphics cards. But until today the availability is bad. In Germany, tickets are not currently available for purchase and abroad it is scarce.

Currently there is nothing in Germany.

Arc graphics cards were only available in Germany for a short time. The Notebooksbilliger store, which Intel has specified as the official distributor for Germany, currently only lists the small Arc A750 model. This can be ordered in advance, but this is done without a delivery date.

In German retail, only the A750 can be booked without an appointment
In German retail, only the A750 can be booked without an appointment (Image: NBB)

The editors learned from inside sources that there is currently no stock of the new Intel graphics cards at German wholesalers. Consequently, retailers also have to take lead times into account in wholesale, because here again no binding delivery dates are given to distributors and system builders.

In England, France and Spain yes

On the other hand, things look better in other EU countries. At the English store Ebuyer, the Arc A770 is even available direct from stock and the Arc A750 can be pre-ordered with an expected delivery date of the end of October. It looks similar in France and the Arc A770 is also available direct from stock at a Spanish dealer.

Arc A770 available in the UK
Arc A770 available in England (Image: eBuyer)
Arc A770 available in France
Arc A770 available in France (Image: Cybertek)
Arc A770 available in Spain
Arc A770 available in Spain (Image: PC Components)

Out of stock in the US

Both graphics cards are out of stock in Intel’s native US. Distributor Newegg doesn’t even give a date for the replenishment and has recently spoken of delivery bottlenecks due to high demand.

American dealer talks about high demand
US distributor talks about high demand (Image: Newegg)

At least the A750 can be booked in Australia. Both models are currently available in Taiwan.

Replenishment at the end of October

Swedish store Complete, with branches in Denmark and Norway, now says supplies are expected to arrive on October 28. Only 7 pieces of the Arc A750 are expected, but there should be 58 pieces of the Arc A770. However, the date has not yet been confirmed.

Refueling to Arc A770 underway
Resupply to Arc A770 en route (Image:

Therefore, it becomes clear that the delivery situation will improve, at least abroad, in the coming days until the end of the month.