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iOS and macOS: Shortcuts with new features

iOS and macOS: Shortcuts with new features


Notifications can now be disabled for automations (when “Ask before executing” is disabled)

Added support for tags in Add New Reminder, Search Reminder, and Edit Reminder

Get the current web page from Safari now supports getting details like name, page content, and selection on macOS

Set Playback Target now supports adding and removing playback targets so you can play on multiple devices at the same time

Translate Text and Detect Speech are now compatible with Apple Translate

Take Photo is now compatible with macOS

Extract text from image now supports all languages ​​supported by Live Text

“End When” and “End Replay” can now be dragged into the shortcut editor

Find and Filter actions have an improved design on macOS

Double-clicking an item in “Select from List” now selects the item and continues to run on macOS

On macOS, you can now add a shortcut to the Dock using the context menu in My Shortcuts

Text input dialogs can now be closed on macOS with the ?+Return key combination

A Provide output checkbox is now available in the shortcut details, making it easier to use shortcuts with output

Action icons in the shortcut editor have an updated look

Automator quick actions can now be converted to shortcuts

Fewer privacy notices appear, especially for shortcuts you create yourself
Gallery now includes a share button when viewing a shortcut on macOS.