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Survival game on Steam impresses with Unreal Engine 5 graphics


from Valentin Sattler
A new survival game called Rooted has been announced on Steam, which is based on Unreal Engine 5 and thus features stunning graphics. Apparently, the project hasn’t progressed that far.

Various graphical demos based on Unreal Engine 5 have been making the rounds for a long time, but games based on the new engine have been in short supply until now. This is not too surprising, because Unreal Engine 5 is only available as Early Access from May 2021. Until now, before the full version release, development risk with the engine is high, so Unreal Engine 5 should not be very attractive for large projects so far. However, some developers are already working on corresponding titles, as shown, for example, by a recently published entry on Steam: the survival game was created there. Ingrained Announced.

Excellent graphics and survival gameplay.

Not much is known about Rooted so far. First showed the Youtube channel drake42 first gameplay footage from the game’s Twitter account, then followed the Steam page along with a short gameplay video and some screenshots. It features a player running through beautiful natural scenery and remnants of lost civilization. This, in turn, fits into the Rooted story: the world of Rooted was devastated 20 years ago by biological warfare with few survivors left.

Regarding the gameplay of Rooted, not much is known. On the Steam side, there is talk of an open world with a crafting and camping system, as well as a bestiary and animals that can be tamed, the typical survival game. The graphics are exciting, because the previously published material is quite attractive.

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For example, the developers have posted a short video showing the day-night rhythm generated by the new lumen technology. Patterns and textures also make a good impression, especially for a stand-alone project. It’s unclear to what extent this holds up in practice – only a small part of the Rooted game world has been shown so far.

However, large game worlds or game elements such as opponents or the crafting system were not yet visible. So the project shouldn’t have progressed too far, and fittingly, there’s still no release date for the game on Steam. Therefore, it is difficult to predict if Rooted will be one of the first games to use Unreal Engine 5.

Source: Steam via game star

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