Another update? Apple makes iOS 15.5 official and distributes the first beta version for iPhone to the developer community. Exciting: The manufacturer is already hiding references to a new app that users should expect soon. But what is it for?


After the release of iOS15.4 and corrective update iOS15.4.1 supports with iOS 15.5 another update for the iPhone is on the starting grid. Follow Apple’s next round of system updates as developers now also have access to preview versions of iPadOS 15.5, macOS 12.4, watchOS 8.6, and tvOS 15.5. A release of the updates to the general public can be expected in a few weeks.

Apple hides clues in iOS 15.5: a new classic application for the iPhone arrives

Particularly exciting within the updates for iPhones and iPads that are currently in progress. hide new app suggestions: “Apple Classical”, a complementary offer to Apple Music. Specifically, there are two suspicious lines in the music app code (source: MacRumors).

“Open in Apple Classic”
“Open this in the new classical music app”

Both options implies the existence of the new application that has not yet been released by Apple, but could now be announced in the wake of iOS 15.5. Basically an open secret, because Apple has already admitted to working on it.

Classical music wasn’t yet the focus when Apple Music launched:


The background: In August 2021, Apple took over the classic Primephonic streaming service. Team goal: Introducing a new standalone classical music app. Primephonic’s user interface and specialization in classical music will be combined with Apple Music and features such as lossless and 3D audio (spatial audio). Apple has yet to come up with a detailed timeline, but development is obviously in full swing and could soon bear fruit. Of course, there is no guarantee, it is quite possible that “Apple Classical” will come later, perhaps with it. iOS 16.

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