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Fall Guys has become one of the most popular battle royale multiplayer games since it was included in it. August PS Plus Games And the release on Steam. But while the game is so much fun, it’s certainly hurt by many scammers. And in response to recent news, people have asked if the place called Cheetah Island is genuine. Here you will discover what Cheetah Island is and why it was closed.

Fall Guys Season 2 recently peeked at Gamescom I know there is a medieval theme. This means time-based medieval skins and new maps. All new outfits look cute and the map looks fun, but it can also cause great dissatisfaction among the most competitive people.

However, Season 2 is two weeks later, but below we’ll explain the story of Cheetah Island and why it was closed.

Is the Falls Guy Cheetah Island Real?

Yes, Cheetah was a real fall guy.

According to the game’s official Twitter page, Cheater Island is a true anti-cheat feature for Fall Guys, resulting in malicious players playing against each other.

There was a problem with this feature, with obvious bugs such as the game loading forever with the player “falling forever”.

However, according to Mediatonic, this was due to the lack of enough scammers to compose a player session of more than 40 players.

Malicious and malicious players have allegedly found workarounds for the game to be “broken”, such as attending sessions with non-criminal companions in the game.

Family sharing was also another bypass abused by guilty players, so Mediatonic continued to raise cheat detection thresholds on a daily basis.

But Mediatonic eventually started watching a video of what Cheetah Island might actually be in motion. But the problem is that they can’t be 100% sure.

Why Cheetah Island was closed in Fall Guys

Mediatonic is currently Anti-cheat software used by Epic Games Fortnite..

A guilty player will not be able to log in to the Fall Guys account instead of going to Cheetah Island.

The developers also say they will continue to raise the detection threshold.

This is good news for those who don’t want their experience to be compromised by others who are only interested in winning without real fun.

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