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Is the smartphone idle at home ?: Ask Mammootty

Kochi: Actor Mammootty has come up with an innovative plan to bring smartphones to needy students across the state. The star’s interaction is with students who were deprived of online education during the Kovid era due to a lack of smartphones. Mammootty has announced a project called “Vidyamritham” with a request to deliver usable mobile phones to these children. He shared the details of the project on Facebook through his charity Care and Share International Foundation.

“There will be many children who will not be able to learn for the sole reason that they do not have a smartphone. The useful but useful smartphone, tablet and laptop but now unused in your home can be delivered to us from anywhere in the world. and we guarantee it will get into the right hands, “said Mammootty.

Those who wish to donate tools for online education, such as smartphones and laptops, can simply drop them off at the nearest “Speed ​​and Safe” courier office. After delivering a statement to the courier office, the donor can send it to the mobile care office and share it at no cost. The mobiles available there will be given to the children in order of priority.

The project is also supported by Mammootty Fans അസോസിയ and Welfare Association International. Fans‌ members will help those who have difficulty communicating with the courier office and providers with health problems. They will come to these houses and collect the equipment and help with the next steps. Efforts have also been made to deliver the exact receipt to the mobiles received. Contact Anoop +919961900522, Arun +917034634369, Shanavas‌ +919447991144, Vinod +919446877131, Anshad +918891155911 and Hameed +919946300800 for any questions or concerns.

Care & Share has already received hundreds of applications from tribal areas and poor families. It is in this context that this project is being executed with urgency.

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