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Is there cross-play in Genshin Impact?

Find out if Genshin Impact has cross-play and you can play with your friends on multiple consoles and devices.

One of the biggest selling points of Genshin Impact is the fact that the game is available on multiple consoles, including mobile devices, except that it’s free to play. Those who are jumping into a huge open world MMO will definitely want to know if there is cross-play in Genshin Impact. We are happy to provide you with the answer.

Is there cross-play in Genshin Impact?

Yes, Genshin Impact supports cross-play on all devices. This means you can play with your friends whether you’re playing on a PlayStation 4, a PC, or a mobile device that currently supports the game. Cross-play is enabled by default. This means you can start playing with your friends as long as you are in the same area.

Is there cross-play in Genshin Impact?
Cross-play allows you to explore the open world of Genshin Impact with all your friends, regardless of the device you choose!

Cross-play has been a big selling point for multiple titles over the last few years, and it’s nice to see Genshin Impact following in the footsteps of other big, free-to-play titles like Fortnite. No matter which console you play MMO with, being able to play with your friends will definitely benefit many who want to experience the world of miHoYo with the people they care about.

The nice thing about Genshin Impact cross-play is that players don’t have to jump over unnecessary hoops to join other platforms. All you need to do is start one of the game’s co-op events and you’re ready to go. Automatically team with users on different platforms and devices. This allows users to easily play with each other while exploring the beautiful world of Genshin Impact.

Now that you know everything about Genshin Impact and cross-play, check out some of the other useful guides. In fact, to use cross-play, you need to unlock co-op. You can do this in the following ways: Raise the adventure rank..Check the rest Genshin Impact guides I need more help.

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