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Sony: "We don't record" PS4 party chat

Sony: “We don’t record” PS4 party chat

update: Sony also issued the following statement on this matter: “Following this update, users will be notified about the safety of the party and may record voice chat at the party. Voice chat recording for moderation will be available on PS5. However, it will launch and allow the user to record a voice chat on the PS5 and send it for moderate review. The pop-up currently displayed on the PS4 will notify you when you join the chat with the PS5 user. It’s (post-launch), they may submit their recordings to SIE from their PS5 console. “

Original: PlayStation4 Firmware Update 8.00 It really caused a bit of confusion.the same as Break everyone’s friends list Do the act of Organize a party that is tougher than necessaryThere is speculation that Sony is doing a round that is actively listening to these virtual gatherings. Of course, this all started on social media, as users started sharing screenshots that seemed to show their claims. However, it is not Sony that is recording.

In the message passed, “Please note that the voice chat at the party may be recorded and sent by other users. By participating in the voice chat, your voice will be recorded. I agree. ”The important thing here is that the users who participate in the party chat are the recording users, not the hardware makers. These records, created by the PS4 owner, can be used as evidence of a violation of the Community Code of Conduct. PlayStation UK Support Twitter Account Enhances This In the tweet below.

You can also toggle the options in the PS4 settings to prevent the console from recording audio. And anyway This feature has existed since the release of the current generation of systems. The Japanese giant has included this in their software terms of use for seven years. This is not what Sony suddenly came up with today.